How To Build Successful Diversity Programs by Tayo Rockson

How To Build Successful Diversity Programs

I share a framework that leaders can implement to foster inclusive environments on the individual, group, systemic and marketplace level involving intentionality, perseverance, empowerment, flexibility, transparency and meaningful contribution.

What's included?

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Welcome to the course
A message from Tayo Rockson
1 min
Why I Do What I Do
3 mins
Diversity & Inclusion
What Is Diversity?
2 mins
What Is Inclusion?
1 min
Fusing The Two Together
2 mins
How to Assess
2 mins
Key Things To Note
3 mins
What To Assess.pdf
157 KB
How To Arrange
5 mins
What Is Your Mission Statement?
138 KB
What Is Your Vision Statement?
137 KB
Who Will Make Up Your Diversity Council?
138 KB
What Are Your Diversity And Inclusion Goals?
164 KB
How To Apply
2 mins
What Should Your Training Include?
139 KB
Questions To Ask While Deciding On Training
140 KB
Trainings To Consider Starting With
139 KB
How To Structure Workshops
187 KB
Other Things To Consider While Applying
3 mins
Accountability & Analysis
Implementing Accountability & Analysis
3 mins
Measuring Accountability.pdf
145 KB
Making Affinity Work
2 mins
Creating A Successful Affinity Program
144 KB
Next Steps & Best Practices
2 mins
Embracing The Art Of Nuance TEDx Talk
14 mins
The Art Of Diplomacy TEDx Talk
15 mins