How To Connect In A Cross-Cultural World by Tayo Rockson

How To Connect In A Cross-Cultural World

I created this course as a companion to my book, Use Your Difference To Make A Difference because we are in a time of deep divisions and I believe  that we need to learn how to cultivate relationships now more than ever.

What's included?

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Welcome To The Course
A Message From Tayo Rockson
7 mins
Your Cultural Competency Goals.pdf
145 KB
What True Education Entails
2 mins
What Are Biases And Unconscious Biases?
2 mins
Different Types Of Biases
8 mins
Activity: Power of Three
2 mins
The Power of Three.pdf
145 KB
Identify Your Biases & Prejudices
148 KB
How Often Do You Stray Outside Of Your Comfort Zone?
1 min
Create A Bias And Trigger Journal.pdf
166 KB
Your Core Values Statement.pdf
145 KB
Why These Questions Matter
1 min
3 Ways To Understand Yourself
85.1 KB
Education of Environment
1 min
Finding Your Inner Sherlock (Infographic)
91.4 KB
Finding Your Inner Sherlock.pdf
175 KB
The Importance of Active Listening
3 mins
Active Listening Exercise.pdf
139 KB
Being Active In Your Environment
2 mins
Your Declaration To Be More Active.pdf
135 KB
Your Cultural Competency Statement.pdf
137 KB
Applying LORA to "Educate"
82.8 KB
Don't Perpetuate
Why We Shouldn't Perpetuate
4 mins
Your Multiple Identities.pdf
153 KB
Acknowledge Your Privilege.pdf
149 KB
Equality & Equity .pdf
137 KB
Other Ways To Dangerously Perpetuate
2 mins
Tips To Become Better Fact Checkers
2 mins
What Ways Will You Fight Disinformation?
136 KB
Consequences Of Perpetuating Today
3 mins
How Not To Perpetuate
277 KB
Applying LORA to "Don't Perpetuate"
67.3 KB
Instead, Communicate
Why Communicating Matters
1 min
How To Find Mutual Purpose And Examine Your Motives
2 mins
Common Values Activity.pdf
136 KB
Two Ways To Make Your Environment Safer
3 mins
Open Dialogue Activity.pdf
136 KB
Safe Environments Activity.pdf
136 KB
Conflict Redo Activity.pdf
136 KB
Applying LORA to "Instead, Communicate"
69.7 KB
Conclusion & Next steps
Congrats! Here's what's next...
2 mins
Think Like A Sociologist
68.7 KB