The Year of Your Voice

The year of your voice highlights the steps needed to build a successful paid speaking career, how to develop your talk and how to deliver your speeches.

What's included?

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Embrace the year of your voice!
A message from Tayo Rockson
3 mins
5 mins
My Speaking Goals.pdf
27.5 KB
Framework for the masterclass
1 min
Who are you?
10 mins
Memory Lane Exercise
63 KB
What is your values statement?
43.1 KB
Define Your Niche
46.7 KB
What is your To..... So that Statement?
43.5 KB
Ideal Client Exercise
62.1 KB
So...who are you?
37.9 KB
Paint the picture
11 mins
Write your bios.pdf
100 KB
Message Statement Exercise
80.3 KB
Build Your Speech
51.7 KB
Share your message
12 mins
How will you connect with the audience?
23.1 KB
Social Media
9 mins
What social media platforms will you choose and why?.pdf
31.6 KB
The Pitch
15 mins
What is your pitch?.pdf
28.7 KB